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How To Activate Fox Sports Go using

Activate Fox Com – Here we provide you some easy activation steps to setup the Fox Sports Go App using the activation code and After activated Starz App, you can stream Fox 1, Fox 2, College Sports Fox & much more on your big Roku TV screen.



Instruction to Activate Fox Sports Go On Roku: 

  • Login your account first 
  • Then open Fox Sports Go App/Channel 
  • Now, login your Fox Sports Go App through live TV provider 
  • Go to & enter the activation link code on your Roku TV screen 
  • Click the “Star” button on your Roku remote 
  • After that select the option, sign in through TV provider instructions 
  • Then go to & enter the code visible on your TV screen

Hence, follow the all instructions are correctly & FoxSports Go on your Roku device within 2 minutes. For more info about Roku activation, go to

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