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 Bill went to his family. He put his arms around them and said, "We'll get through this. We need to stick together and take care of each other. Come. Let's go see what's in the buckets." They moved in mass to the round, two-gallon pails. One had a roll of toilet paper. The other was filled with water. Small goldfish were swimming in the water. A plastic ladle was inside too. Alise started to cry. She said, "I have to go to the bathroom. Bad." "We all do," her mother said, "and we'll go in that." "How? I can't sit on that?" Her mother laughed. She tried to make light of the situation. She said, "Haven't you ever peed in the bushes or squatted over a toilet because it was so dirty you were afraid to let your bum touch it? Peel off those panties, bend over, and let it rip." "But, Mom. There's no privacy." "Modesty is the least of our worries. You'll have to get over it. Want me to go first?" The twenty-four-year-old nodded. Joy rolled her panties down to her knees. She stood before her family showing them her nice, rounded ass and her thick, curly, triangle of pubes. She spread her legs wide and straddled the bucket. She supported herself by putting her hands on her knees. Her pee began as a small dribble and then grew into a large, hissing flow. It banged into the side of the bucket. In the quiet room, it sounded like Niagra Falls. Everyone turned away. They pretended to give her some privacy, but they stole glances of her hairy cunt. The stream slowed to drips. Joy said, "Bill, please ripped off a few sheets so I can wipe." Her husband gave her the roll. She cleaned herself, stepped away from the bucket, and pulled up her underwear. "Oh, God!" Alise moaned. "This is so humiliating." "Don't talk that way," Joy said. She stepped in front of her daughter, got in her face, and looked her in the eye. "We are in some deep shit. We are likely to do a lot of things you'd rather not do. Buck up. Be strong. We will get through this." The daughter nodded. She wiped away her tears. Joy knelt in front of her daughter and pulled her pink panties down. Everyone looked at her pussy. It was bare. She had fat, juicy outer lips and a pronounced cleft. They also noticed that she had no tan line. Her mother looked at her naked vagina and then, looked her in the eye. She said, "You're beautiful. We're your family. We love you. Now is not the time to be embarrassed. We all will use this bucket many times a day. Get used to it." Alise moved and straddled the bucket. She squatted unsteadily. Her father reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder to brace her. The young woman's face turned bright red and she peed noisily. Her mother handed her a ball of tissues, Alise wiped her damp cunt, dropped the paper into the bucket, and stepped away. She said angrily, "This is some Merry Fucking Christmas!" Her mother ignored her remark and calmly said, "Bill, you're next." With a grim look on his face, Bill stepped forward. He fished out his cock, retracted his foreskin until the pee hole was exposed, and did his business. Joy and Isaac watched. Alise stared. Her mother saw her studying her father's dick and asked, "Have you not seen an uncircumcised cock before?" "No. It looks like a cigar." Bill blushed. Joy grinned and said, "It does, but cut or uncut a penis is a penis and it does what a penis does. The extra skin hides and protects the glan." "It's like his dick is wearing a hoodie," Alise said as she leaned in to take a better look. "Oh, sorry," she apologized as she suddenly realized that the penis that fascinated her belong to her dad. Bill finished, shook his penis, and put it away. Joy turned to her younger brother and said, "You're up." Isaac did not move. "Go on," his mother said encouragingly. His face turned red. He shifted his weight from side-to-side. Alise blurted out, "Mom, make him. He saw my pussy. It's not fair." She knelt at her brother's feet, grabbed his tighty-whitey's, and yanked. His drawers came down and so did his unit. His cock swung down and nearly hit her in the nose. She jerked her head back as his thick, seven-inch long, erect dick came crashing down . Alise's surprise at almost being struck by his penis quickly changed to rage over his condition. She slapped it. His dick hit his stomach and bounded back. She stood and said, "You pervert! You've got an erection from watching Mom and me pee. Ewe." "Enough!" Joy shouted. "I'm sure that's not the case. Eighteen-year-old boys get a dozen erections a day. Often for no reason at all. Don't berate the boy for something he has no control over." Isaac's face was still bright red, but his penis was no longer hard. His sister's words and the blow had caused it to wilt. He went to the bucket and peed. When he was done, he gave it a good shake and pulled his underwear up. The family walked to the other side of the room to avoid the smell of the bucket. ^^^ When nature called, the person nudged their partner and said, "I need to use the bucket," and the act was done. As this was repeated, it became less embarrassing for all. ^^^ The hours passed slowly. Garrett did not re-appear that morning or afternoon. Around 6 p.m., Alise whined, "I'm hungry and thirsty." Bill stood, faced the door, and shouted, "Garrett! Garrett!" There was no answer. Isaac said, "Mom, I'm going to try the water." He lifted the chain, dragged it across the floor, and they went to the second bucket. He picked up the ladle and sipped the water. It was lukewarm and quenched his thirst. "How is it?" his sister asked. "Okay," he said. He took another sip and said, "Maybe Garrett put the goldfish in the water to re-assure us that it wasn't poisoned. Any drug strong enough to knock us out would kill the fish." He offered the water to his mother. She wet her lips and tongue. Not tasting anything unusual, she drank. She said, "I think it's safe. What Isaac said makes sense. Why go to all this trouble and then poison us?" She had a second drink. Bill and Alise came over and drank. Alise said, "I can't believe I drank water that fish are swimming in." Isaac said, "Many of the reservoirs that supply cities with drinking water have fish in them." "Yes, but they process the water," Alise said. She used the ladle and drank. Her brother said, "Right, but before we had those facilities, people had to drink straight from streams and rivers that had fish living in them." Alise dropped the ladle into the water bucket and said, "Now that I'm not thirsty, I realize how hungry I am." "Want a fish?" her brother asked. He scooped one up with the dipper and offered it to her. "Gross! How could anyone eat something that's alive? Can you imagine feeling it swimming around in your stomach?" Alise said. "You wouldn't feel it. The stomach is a muscular organ filled with acid and enzymes that digest food. It doesn't have the kind of 'feeling' nerves that your skin has. It is a very inhospitable place. The fish would die quickly from the acid and lack of oxygen." He tilted his head back and poured the water and the fish into his mouth. He swallowed. The others watch him. He smiled and said, "It was weird feeling the fish wiggling in my mouth. When I swallowed, it felt like I was chugging a beer." "You've had a beer?" Alise teased him. Her brother made a face. Bill said, "We need to keep our strength up. Fish for everyone." He drank and swallowed two of the goldfish. The others begrudgingly followed suit until all the little fish were gone. ^^^hours later^^^ "Let's get some sleep," Joy said. She went over to her husband, kissed him on the lips, and said, "Love you." Bill embraced her and said, "I love you too." "How are we going to stay warm?" Alise asked. "We've got nothing. No bed. No blankets." "We'll sleep huddled together," Joy suggested. "That works out for you," Alise complained. "Dad, can spoon you and keep you nice and warm." "Babe, I'm sorry this has happened to us," Joy said sincerely. "What do you suggest?" Alise didn't have an answer. Joy said, "If the men are on the perimeter they can protect us. I suggest we sleep on our sides and share our body heat. Men get erections while they sleep. Whose hard penis do you want to be pressed up against your body?" "No one's," Alise answered. "I understand," Joy said. "You're not going to be happy either way. You could spare your father and me some embarrassment by being with your brother and letting us sleep together. Can you do that for us?" "Yes." The family lay on the floor. The women were on their sides facing each other. The men were behind them on their backs. Bill rolled onto his side and snuggled up with his bride. Isaac lay on his back beside Alise. "That won't do, brother," Alise said. "Get closer and throw your arm over me. Keep me warm and I won't complain about that missile in your underwear pressing against my ass." Isaac rolled over and put his hand on her shoulder. "Closer," Alise ordered. She grabbed his hand and pulled. His body pressed against hers. She brought her arms to her chest and used her hands as a pillow. He draped his arm over her. The women didn't have to wait long. The men's bodies radiated heat and warmed them. The closeness and the softness of the women's' bodies caused the inevitable male response: erections. Joy ground her ass into her husband's boner, turned her head, and gave him a smile. Alise sighed and didn't voice an objection when her brother's dick swelled and pressed against her bum. ^^^ Day 2 ^^^ The next day was as awful as the previous one. They were scared, hungry, and filled with trepidation. They were also bored and tired. No one slept well on the hard floor under the harsh light. Each felt a deep sense of embarrassment when they used the public bucket as their bathroom. They didn't see or hear from Garrett that day. The buckets had been removed and replaced while they slept. They had more water and another ten goldfish which they ate. Joy made it her mission to keep everyone's spirits up. They had nothing to do; nothing to look at. She engaged everyone in conversation and reminded them of happier days. She started one discussion by saying, "Remember when we went to Disney World?" Later, when that conversation lagged, Joy asked, "Remember when we went to South Beach? I thought I'd planned a nice family vacation and we discovered that we were surrounded by topless European women." That drew a laugh from her family and, for a while, they reminisced and forgot about their circumstances. ^^^ That night, they huddled together, the father with mother and brother with sister. The men spooned the women. They couldn't help but smell their hair, feel their soft curves, and get raging erections. ^^^Day 3 ^^^ "Nice," Isaac mumbled. In his mind, he was reviewing a compilation of naked images of his mother and sister peeing. He saw their naked bottoms and pussies. His dick was hard and began to pulsate. "Oh," he groaned and came. His seed shot out as he drove his cock into his sleeping sister. His wet dream woke him. His forceful prodding of his sister woke her. "Stop it," she said sleepily. Then, she became aware that her backside was wet. She sat up, wiped her lower back, and said, "This better not be what I think it is!" She gave her brother a hard look. She saw the tip of his dick was above the waistband and his underwear was soaked. The smell of cum hit her. "Eww! You bastard! Mom! Isaac's a pervert. He shot his cum on me!" "What?" Joy said. The parents woke and looked at their children. Isaac said hurriedly pinterest xxx, "It was an accident. I had a wet dream." The look of sheer panic on his face caused his mother and father to believe him. Joy said, "Alise, teenage guys have nocturnal emissions. Believe me, I've washed enough of your brother's messy bedsheets to know. Guys make sperm every day. The old sperm has to be expelled to make room for the new sperm." Isaac's face was bright red. He said, "I'm sorry this happened, Alise. I wasn't trying to have sex with you." "Boys are gross," Alise declared. "Get it off me, Mom. Please." "Of course, dear. Join me at the water bucket." While the guys took turns peeing in the other bucket, Alise rolled her panties down to her ankles. Joy ladled water on her daughter's back and butt. She rubbed off the sticky debris. "There you go sweetie," She said. "That's the best I can do without any soap. Want to rinse the sweat and grime off your body? I could pour water on you and you could wash your pits and bits." "I'd love a nice, long, hot shower, but I guess that is the best option available," Alise said. She added, "Dad, Isaac, please turn away. I'm going to get undressed and clean up." "Sure thing, Pumpkin," Bill responded. He and Isaac turned away. Alise sighed, reached behind her back, and undid the clasp of her bra. She let it fall forward and then tossed it aside. It confirmed the fact that she sunbathed in the nude. Her breasts were tanned. She had no tan lines top or bottom. Joy removed her bra. The tops of her boobs were tanned. The balance was a bright white except for her large, brown nipples. She stepped out of her underwear and expose her pale tail, alabaster abdomen, and thick, black bush. She said, "I could use some freshening up too." The two women looked at each other. Joy said, "I remember having firm breasts, high on my chest, like yours. Now they sag. Soon they'll be down to my stomach." She chuckled. "You have a lovely pair," Joy said dirtydating. "I hope mine are that big someday." "It could happen. Mine were about your size before I birthed and fed two babies." Even though the men weren't looking, they knew the women were naked and could hear their discussing boobs. Their bodies reacted. Bill and Isaac felt their cocks swelling. They grew heavy as they filled with blood and became full erections. Joy poured water on Alise multiple times. Alise rubbed her hands over her body. "Ugh. I can feel stubble on my pits, pussy, and legs." When Alise finished, Joy gave her the ladle. The daughter dribbled water on the mother. "Do you shave or wax your pubes?" Joy asked. "Wax. It does a better job." "You're braver than me." "Can't be any worse than childbirth." "Right, but one's voluntary and the other isn't." "It does help guys find your clit and they're more willing to do oral." "My guy knows how to please me and isn't put off by my natural hedge," Joy said proudly. "Ladies, please," Bill interrupted them. "We are three feet away. Do we have to hear about your sex lives." The women giggled. Alise poured one last scoop of water on her mother's upturned face. The fluid ran down the front of her body. Joy said, "Oh! That water is cold. My nipples ache and they're so hard." Alise pushed out her chest to show off her erect nips and said, "Any glass need cutting?" The women laughed. The men blushed. The women peed in the bucket and got dressed. Joy said, "You can turn around. We're done." Joy saw their condition and said, "It looks like our nipples aren't the only things that got hard." "What did you expect?" her husband asked. "Your conversation was provocative and knowing there were two naked, beautiful women behind us got us riled up." Isaac grinned. His dick twitched. Curiosity got the better of both women and they looked at the men and their bulging underwear. "Get over here you two," Joy ordered. "It's your turn to bathe." She waved the ladle and said, "Bill, strip." He husband pulled off his underwear. His dick stuck straight out. "Ewe," Alise said. She wrinkled her nose and stepped back. She added, "You smell." Bill shrugged his shoulders and agreed, "Yes. I haven't been able to wash." Alise covered her nose with a hand, studied his erection and said, "So that's how it works. Now that he's hard, the head of father's cock is exposed and his dick looks the same as any man's." "Yes," Joy said. Joy raised the ladle high and poured water on her husband's head. He rubbed his hair and face. She poured water on his torso. He rubbed his chest and armpits. The next scoop went on his dick. Joy said, "Make sure you get rid of the smegma." "What's that?" Alise asked. "The extra foreskin your father has covers the head of his penis when he's not erect. His glan is in a dark, moist place and stuff like dead skin cells and oily secretions can mix and accumulate there. That makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and infections. Not to mention, it can get pretty smelly." Joy looked at her daughter in the eyes to confirm she was following along. Then, she continued, "Smegma is the name given to the stuff that gathers under that flap of skin freesexcam Uncircumcised men must peel back their foreskin and wash." Bill's dick had softened while his wife gave this lecture. He peeled back his foreskin. He said, "See the whitish material. That's the smegma." Joy poured water on his dick. Bill washed and tried to get rid of the debris. He said, "That's the reason uncut men get a bad rap. If they don't wash conscientiously, we smell and women complain about it when they give us head." He rubbed and tried to clean his penis, but he was unsuccessful in getting rid of all the thick, white material. "Damn it!" he said. "I went without washing for too long. Some of it has hardened." Joy added leaned over and used her long fingernails to scrape some away. "Ouch!" Bill cried. "Please stop. I'm afraid your nails will cut me and I'll get an infection. I need soap and warm water." Bill sighed, pulled his underwear back on and said, "Smegma is why you're circumcised, Isaac. I didn't want you to miss out on any blowjobs." He laughed and slapped him on the back, Isaac gave an embarrassed smile. "Your turn, brother," Alise announced. She smiled and stood there facing him. Her body language projected a bold, taunting attitude. She was letting him know he'd get no break or privacy from her. Isaac gulped and pulled down his tighty whities. His hard dick sprang out and bounced in front of everyone. His family couldn't help but look. Alise said, "Isaac, you have a nice dick. No offense, Dad. But if forced to choose, I'd pick his over yours. That foreskin, smegma, and peek-a-boo penis are a turnoff to me." Joy admired her son's unit and said, "You have a pretty penis. It's longer than the standard model." "Hey. Hey," Bill objected good-heartedly. "I think that was a crack at me and my equipment." Joy said. "You know I love you and your penis. It's the only one I've had for the last twenty-seven years and it's been great, but Isaac's is longer." She shrugged her shoulders and added, "I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but the truth is the truth." "You both have nice, thick ones," Alise said. Her hand shot up and covered her mouth. Her face turned red. She said, "I can't believe I said that out loud. Sorry. I don't know why I felt I should compliment you on your dicks." The family laughed. Alise hesitated and then joined in. Isaac blushed, washed quickly, and pulled his underwear up. ^^^ Day four in captivity was rough on the Curtis family. The lack of food, sunshine, restful sleep, and freedom was wearing on them. The sense of dread also took its toll, causing them to be tired and forlorn. The day went by slowly. They were especially hungry. Neither bucket had been replaced, which meant they had nothing, not even a goldfish, to eat. Garrett watched his captive through his live video feed. He chuckled and said, "Look at the pitiful bunch. Dirty, depressed, and hopeless. I think they will be open to my plan now."

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