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How to Link your Roku Player or Roku TV via

To activate Netflix on Roku or Roku TV or Roku streaming player, you need to go to and link the Roku account. The account will be stored in the device that you own and the channel that you need to install. You can also select on the settings as well as the preferences. It is necessary to have a proper email address to have a Roku Account Setup. You need to also choose a strong password for that. There is no charge that is required to create a Roku account as well as for activation of any device.


Process of linking your Roku device


  1. Start with the quick start guide that you have got with the roku device.
  2. Then follow the instructions that you can see in the screen to connect the device to the internet.
  3. After the device is connected to the system, the roku device will download the new software that is required.
  4. Then the link code will be displayed by the roku device.
  5. Keep a note of the Roku Activation Link Code and proceed to the website on the system.
  6. Make sure you are entering on the right website and not into a fraud one.
  7. Then enter the code on the Hulu login on roku and select on submit.
  8. If you are not able to do it, then that means Roku won't connect to Internet.
  9. Check the internet connection and follow the instruction to create an account.
  10. While creating it, you need to provide the details of the payment method that you will you to purchase any product.
  11. This will also be useful for buying products from the store of the Roku channel. No charges will be required to pay for adding the payment details. Charges are only applied when you are purchasing anything.
  12. If you are subscribing to buy any product or any other thing, then you need to pay the charges that will be showed at that point of time.
  13. Then click on for create a secure pin for login through the account.
  14. Make sure that the pin is strong and nobody is able to track your pin.
  15. After completing the activation process, you will be able to access the player or the television.


Advantages of using a Roku device


With the help of the Roku device you will be able to access through all the mainstream set top boxes. It also has a headphone output in the remote control. It is quite easy to use. In the older televisions, the roku express+ will also work.




The above procedure will help you in linking roku television or player via If you follow the steps one by one you will be able to connect the roku device quite easily. Make sure you do not skip even a single point otherwise you will not be able to connect the device. If you are still unable to do it then you can take the help of professionals.

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