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Hardware and network notes. Hardware and network notes

When it comes to taking notes or even taking notes during important sessions, seminars, etc., a person unwittingly seeks to get lost or even misunderstand some things.


In addition, it is likely that such sketched notes in notebooks can literally confuse the reader or be effectively connected with each other and understand the concepts, whether it is informative, growth prospects, etc. In addition, this article will be useful for applicants who want to update their basic concepts in the field of hardware, as well as in networks and related fields.


To start with basic necessities and move on to a brief but informative description, briefly review the quick reference. Starting from the vital part - the motherboard; This is one of the active circuit controllers, so computer systems work efficiently without obstacles or intrusions that interfere with commands, etc. It consists of a central processor, a memory slot, a basic input / output system, serial and parallel ports, and a controller for general peripheral devices such as disk drives, keyboard, display screen.


Like the motherboard, the processor is similar to the heart of the computer, mainly represented by Pentium as Dual Core technology on the 64-bit P1, P2, P3 and P4 interface. In addition, cache memory is a relatively small part of the memory that directs the often ordered operations located between the processor and system memory. In addition, random access memory is predominantly the main internal storage device that supplies data and information encoded in bytes to the CPU in order to function to simultaneously process several different operations. In computer terminology, a network implies means for connecting many computers and, therefore, allows you to share and transfer shared files and folders. LANs and WANs classified by network use the Internet Protocol address to distinguish between server connections or server networks equally with locations around the world. Finally, such notes and drafts will obviously help readers make the most of brilliant finds.

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