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I just got this message! Is Cafeland really shutting down for good ?? 

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it shuts down if you dont use windows 10 , im still running on windows 7 and it uses flashplayer and flashplayer stops after december 31 . cafeland isnt goig to disapear we are forced to buy a newer version of windows. as if we all have the money growing on trees and do whatever microsoft wants. im thinking about to keep on using my pc but put linux on it cause its free and you dont need to buy another pc or another expencive operating system that doesnt requires flashplayer cause with linux its 'build in' ;)

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Guys Cafeland is such a good Game Can You Fix what the issue is there is about 3 months I agree it takes time to play a Game I am on level 440 Cafeland There has to Be was to Fix that issue?

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I would like to know the answer to the question also. Is Cafeland really shutting down or is there another way to connect online?

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Yes i have a question, why i u closing down cafeland, that is the only cooking game i love playing, and all  my hard work to build this cafe u all just going to shut it down, not fair at all.

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