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Daily players needed

 cozy inn is looking for active players. We are in the process of getting rid of the non players so if we don't show up, keep looking. Thanks

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Karen hi! Beau cafe here. I have absolutely no idea what happened but I am no longer in the group nor can I find the group. I tried n tried n tried but it just doesn't come up. Help me if u can with this

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BEAU! It just suddenly said you had left the group. My heart sank! LOL

One of our only good players.

This happened to me one time. Keep trying. Make sure cozy inn is all small letters.

I will check and see if I need to remove some one to get you back. Check back later if you

don't get in, but keep trying


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Beau, I found this.


During a tournament, the club will not show up if it is in League 1 or 2. So try searching for the club outside of a tournament.

You may have to wait 6 1/2 hrs until tournament is over. :(
I hope you will come back. The team needs you.


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Ohhhh MY GOD! So that was the reason arghhhh I said a major anxiety episode like what on earth just happened?! Why can't I find the Group?! Yes yes I. Will be back and will join after tournament ends for sure Sorry for making you feel that way, I truly don't know what happened
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